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Clinical Care Services

Insulin Dependent Diabetic Management, Mobile Lab Services, Dietary Management, Out-Patient Rehabilitation Therapies,  Other Care Services


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Insulin Dependent Diabetic Management

Accommodating residents with diabetic needs comes in various forms depending on the needs of the resident. This may include administration of diabetic medications including insulin injections, aiding in nutritional needs, and blood sugar monitoring.

Parkinson’s Support

Residents with Parkinson’s disease are assisted with individualized efforts. Staff may assist with medication assistance, physical therapy or physical activities, and activities of daily living such as scheduling doctor’s appointments and keeping their daily routine for meals and other activities.

Mild to Moderate Memory Care Management 

Memory care for residents takes many shapes depending on the residents needs, some which may include medication management, assistance with daily living activities, and potential supplemental supervision to prevent wandering and ensure general safety. Residents may also be encouraged to engage in social activities to connect with other residents, in the form of book clubs or game nights.

COPD, CHF Management

For residents with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), assistance may include medication, inhaler/oxygen management, exercise and/or breathing treatments, and dietary management.

For residents with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), assistance varies depending on the class structure of the diagnoses (A-D), and can range from medical assistance such as blood pressure and cholesterol monitoring/management, physical activities, and transportation to necessary doctor or specialists appointments.

Oxygen monitoring

Residents on oxygen are monitored in partnership with their doctor and our licensed nursing staff. Oxygen needs are clearly communicated to our oxygen supplier, and staff routinely monitors oxygen saturation levels and will notify residents' care team of any changes.

Pacemaker Monitoring Assistance

Residents with pacemakers may receive assistance in communication or transportation to necessary check ups with care providers. As some pacemakers may be checked remotely, the level of assistance with monitoring will vary depending on each resident's needs.

Pre-operative, Post-operative Coordination of Care

We ensure residents are following the proper pre-operative protocol in preparation for a surgical procedure. This may include facilitating pre-operative counseling, exercise, or fasting.

After an operation, we can assist our residents in following the doctor's post-operative care and monitor residents' progress, as well as reporting any changes to the family and the resident's care team. 

Mobile Lab Service: UA, Blood Draws, INR, COVID Testing

Mobile labs, including urinalysis (UA), blood draws, and international normalized ratio (INR) are offered to ease possible transportation worries and alleviate anxieties of our residents.

COVID testing can be provided for both symptomatic and asymptomatic residents.

All labs are done in direct consultation with residents' doctors.

Mobile X-Ray

We understand that coordination and transportation to receive medical imaging could pose a challenge for our residents, so we are proud to offer mobile x-ray services.

Out-Patient Rehabilitation Therapies

Rehabilitation therapies are dependent on the needs of the resident, and will vary based on the type of procedure performed, but may include physical, occupational, or speech therapies. We have an on-site rehabilitation clinic.

Coordination of Home Health and Hospice

When a resident has enrolled in hospice, our hospice coordination services can aid in managing a long-term care plan with the resident, their family, and health care providers. Our staff plays a vital role in communicating residents' health with providers and family, assisting in pain management, and support in residents’ activities of daily living.

Ostomy and Catheter Care

Our staff understands the importance of ostomy and catheter care. Residents who require ostomy or catheter care are closely monitored by nursing staff. Depending on residents' needs, nursing staff may assist with cleaning, changing, and draining bags.

Wound Care Management

Wound Care management and treatment will vary depending on the needs of the resident, and the type and severity of the wound. Wound care is done in partnership with the resident's doctor, our licensed nursing staff, and often a specialized home health agency.

Virtual Dr.'s Visit Assistance

Our staff are always available to aid residents in telehealth (virtual) appointments with health care providers. All staff have knowledge of our computer programs and internet network, ensuring you or your loved one will always be able to connect with their provider.

Hearing Evaluations and Support

When a resident joins our community, a hearing evaluation is conducted as part of our initial assessment. Staff can support with hearing aid assistance as well as facilitate a visit from an audiologist.

Dietary Management

At Village Green, we work to ensure that special dietary needs for each of our residents are met. All of our foods are prepared with a minimum amount of salt. Sugar-free desserts are offered at every meal. You will be able to dine with us knowing that your nutritional requirements will be met each day in a menu designed to be healthy, delicious, and full of choices.

We can assist with special diets on an as-needed basis. Our nursing staff works with dietary management to identify allergies or any special accommodations a resident may have.

All of our meals are served restaurant-style so residents have the opportunity to socialize with friends in one of our many intimate dining areas.


Assisted Living at Village Green

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