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Senior Living Resources

Best Vitamins for Seniors (1) (1)

Vitamin Guide for Seniors

Download this worksheet for an easy-to-read way to incorporate the recommended intake of important vitamins for seniors. Then, stick it on the fridge!

Federal Way Senior Discounts at Museums and Cultural Attractions

Museum & Cultural Attraction Guide

Download the ultimate guide for museums and cultural attractions for seniors to visit near Federal Way.

VG - Cost Worksheet Pages (1)

Cost Comparison Worksheet

Download this worksheet and fill it out to compare your costs of living on your own in a house versus living in a retirement community.

VG - eBook Moving Into A Retirement Company

Guide to Moving into a Retirement Community

Download the moving guide by submitting the form to get
  • Downsizing: what to keep and what to pitch
  • How to handle logistics of the move
  • Getting settled into your new home


The Caregiver’s Guide

Download the caregiver’s guide by submitting the form to get

  • Tips and tricks to caring for your loved one
  • Practical ways to care for yourself
  • How to determine the right level of care

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