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Veterans Aid and Attendance in Washington State

How to get the proper care and assistance for Veterans and Veteran spouses

Veteran Affairs created a great program for the Veterans that helps them during their retirement years to receive the care and assistance they need. Not only does it support them, it also supports their spouses as well.

There are three tiers the V.A. Provides for Veteran's Benefits:

  • Basic Pension: Designed to help those who need help with income to stay in a healthy state.
  • Housebound Benefits: Designed to help those that need assistance with day to day activities, on a regular basis.
  • Aid and Attendance: Designed for those who need help on a daily basis.

What is Aid and Attendance?

Aid and Attendance is for those Veterans and their spouses who can no longer take care of themselves and need help with daily activities from a long term care provider. This can include assisted living or independent living retirement communities. The V.A. program is based on the income of the applicant and if the applicant is married. 

Service Requirement

Veterans who are at least 65 years old and served at least one day during war time (including non-combat) maybe eligible for financial services. There is also a possible option available  for honorable discharged war-time Veterans with 90 days of active duty service.

Dependent Spouses can also be eligible for certain benefits as well. The spouse could benefit in care even if the Veteran is deceased or not ill. The care for the spouse is completely independent of the Veteran's well being.

Am I Eligible?

If you meet all the requirements above, then the next step is making sure you have all the appropriate paperwork.

  • Documentation of Services - including your DD214 (Discharge papers), along with relevant date of service*
  • Applicant must need help with activities of daily living or other needs of assistance
  • Applicant must meet the income threshold**

*If paperwork has been lost, copies of discharge paperwork can be requested from the National Archives or the Veteran Affairs office. 

**Here is a countable income formula that can help you find out how and what the VA considers "countable income." 

How to Apply and Attendance

Application Forms to Apply Located Here

Submit Applications to:

St. Paul Pension Maintenance Center
Veterans Administration
1 Federal Drive, Fort Snelling
St. Paul, MN 55111-4050

For help and assistance, please give us a call and we can help you with the process.

At Village Green, we are committed to working closely with Federal Way's local Veteran's Services to help our veterans receive the care and services they deserve. After all, they have served us, now it's our turn to serve them.

A Caregiver's Guide: A Guide and Checklist to Help You

"I hope you know how
much Dad appreciates
the excellent care
he receives from you!"

— Peggy Jamerson, Resident Family Member

"I feel so safe and comfortable in
my quiet apartment with lovely
views of trees, shrubs, lawns,
and flowers."

— Janice T.

"Village Green is a beautiful,
welcoming home for me. It was
the perfect place for my husband
and I to meet new friends, the
same friends who helped me later
survive his loss. I will stay for the
food, flowers and friendship that
surround me every day."

— Shirley M.

"Residents are treated with respect
and the help is great!"

— Diane W.

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